02 September 2006


Some of you already know this and some of you don't, but I have one more big life change happening this year in addition to my wedding. Need a hint? It has a population of approximately 50 million and an average daily tea consumption of just under three cups (though either that statistic is either seriously flawed or my friends are dramatically raising the average)…. give up yet? It's England! And I'm moving there!

Okay, so technically it's not one more massive life change, but really two. The reason why I'm moving to England is because I recently accepted an offer from a fantastic social software company in London, where I will continue to work with ColdFusion and potentially Ruby on Rails as well. I'm tremendously excited about this new opportunity as well as the move to London.

I'll finish work at my current job in approximately two weeks. Shortly thereafter, Rin and I leave for our wedding/honeymoon in México. We'll leave for London soon after our return from our Mayan adventures, and I'll start my new job within a day or two of my arrival.

This blog will, of course, hibernate while we are in México, but I'll probably post again as soon as we return, with regular posts resuming once we're settled with a flat in London. I'm having my studio monitors shipped over, so I'll also follow through on my promise to give you a new DJ mix before the year's end. I'll also be expanding the focus of my writing to include my stories and observations of the UK.

I try to avoid discussing my personal life on my blog, so I'll wrap this up now. Thanks for reading and I'll catch up with you soon!


marie said...

D00d.. that is so cool. We are going to london in October 12-15 for Frieze art fair, but will probably be not there/or in the process of moving?

Anyhow, we will also be there in Oct 2007 for the fair, so we can hang out then!

Mirza Basic - London Sevdah said...

Good luck living in UK and London. Was good to work with you even though it was short.

London Sevdah