21 February 2007

Summer Ended Before It Began

Thankfully I read this week's issue of Time Out immediately upon buying it. Had I not, I would have missed out on learning that All Tomorrow's Parties is bringing Sonic Youth to The Roundhouse on 31 August 2007 to perform their classic 1988 album "Daydream Nation" in its entirety. It's been one of favourite albums for as long as I can remember, so after reading the news that tickets were on sale, I was online buying one just as soon as I could confirm that I would have enough cash left over to avoid starvation over the weekend. It's a good thing I acted fast, too: tickets have already sold out everywhere except for via the venue itself. If you haven't already bought yours, try checking out www.roundhouse.org.uk and if they don't have any, your only hope is your friendly neighbourhood tout.

ATP also has two more gigs in their Don't Look Back series scheduled for later this year. On 22 August, Slint will be performing "Spiderland" while the 13th of September sees House of Love revisiting their first record for Creation. Both gigs will be at Koko and at the time of writing still have tickets available for purchase.

The night before learning about this ATP series, I was having one of my occasional looks around MySpace and learned of Throbbing Gristle's 2007 schedule. I had no idea there were any TG live plans for 2007, so it came as a nice surprise. In 2004 I had the good fortune of seeing them live at the London Astoria. This time around I'll hopefully be able to see both their 27 May tribute to Derek Jarman at the Tate Modern as well as one of their six planned recording sessions at the ICA between the 1st and 3rd of June. Full details are available at www.throbbing-gristle.com.


UPDATE 22/2/07: Breaking news! Second Sonic Youth "Daydream Nation" gig added for 1 September 2007. Go get tickets now!

UPDATE 14/5/07: Third show added for 30 August 2007, which as of today still has tickets available for purchase. The other two shows are sold out.