05 July 2006

A Link to the Past

In an earlier post I mentioned that I used to DJ on a Chicago-area college radio station. Lately I’ve realized that I miss it. DJing, that is, not the college radio station.

As a means of scratching the itch to mix, I’ve decided to start DJing again. This time, however, instead of lugging a bunch of crap all the way up to Evanston just so that I can broadcast to most of Chicagoland (oooh, aaah), I’m planning on firing up Ableton Live and giving it a go from the home studio, podcast-style. Although it was good fun battling every few months against barely post-adolescent whimsy to have my show renewed, I think I’ll prefer just having to battle my own laziness.

While I work on this new mix, I thought it would be nice for the uninitiated to have a sampling of my past work. I really enjoyed some of the old mixes I did and I think they stand the test of time. I hope you agree.

First up from the archives is a mix from my old radio programme on WNUR-FM, The Sound of Confusion. This mix originally aired on March 7, 2002 and is fairly representative of the chaos that was The Sound of Confusion. Although it was broadcast as part of the WNUR Rock Show, a quick listen should tell you why it didn’t last long there.

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Since I can’t be so unceremonious as to start a podcast with one measly show, I’m also giving you episode 19 of the successor to The Sound of Confusion, Discipline, which aired originally on August 19, 2003 from 10-11p.m. While The Sound of Confusion was a programme that mixed anything and everything fluidly, Discipline focused more specifically on electronic music and aired during WNUR’s Streetbeat Show instead of their Rock Show. Similar to the relationship between the Rock Show and my The Sound of Confusion programme, however, Discipline’s controversial sonic nature ensured that its life within Streetbeat’s narrow-minded definition of electronic music would be short.

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Both shows are hosted at odeo.com. Stream them here or there or just download the mp3s:

The Sound of Confusion, March 7, 2002
Discipline, Episode 19, August 19, 2003, 10-11p.m

Dig it!


cinchel said...

I got a chance to listen to the march show. very cool, any way i could get the list of tracks used in the mix.